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How Does Breathing Affect Responses to Stress?

Therapists working with clients who have problems with anxiety or panic have known for decades that controlled breathing can help their clients deal with these responses to stress. Some of these relaxation exercises have been around for thousands of years. Now, a new study at Northwestern sheds some light on the neurobiological mechanisms that tie breathing […]

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How to choose a career

John Holland developed a theory of career satisfaction based on personality: “…people can function and develop best and find job satisfaction in work environments that are compatible with their personalities…”  Which means, people tend to be attracted to careers that reflect their personalities. There are six basic personality types in Holland’s theory: Note that there’s […]

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Insurance for Counseling: The Downside

Some things to keep in mind when deciding whether to use health insurance for your counseling sessions: Insurance companies require a medical diagnosis Counseling and coaching for self improvement isn’t covered Counseling for normal reactions to life stressors isn’t covered This means you’ll have a history of a mental disorder Your insurance company will have […]

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Online Services Via Breakthrough

I know it’s sometimes hard to meet me at my office. Sometimes you’re too busy, live too far away, or have trouble finding childcare. So I’ve added a video counseling service called Breakthrough. Now we can meet wherever it’s most convenient for you – your couch, your kitchen, or your hotel room.   Breakthrough is […]

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Large Scale Study of Videoconferencing in the VHA

Covering a five year period and 342,288 contacts with clients, this study demonstrates that use of videoconferencing in providing counseling services as well as medication management is here to stay — and steadily growing. A Description of Telemental Health Services Provided by the Veterans Health Administration in 2006-2010

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