Client Logins

If you are seeing me online for counseling or coaching through Breakthrough (including clients referred by physicians on MD Live), use the login link on the Breakthrough home page for scheduling and attending videoconferencing sessions and accessing your account :

Breakthrough Home Page

Breakthrough has an app for smartphones that lets you schedule, pay for, and attend counseling or coaching sessions using your phone. If you choose to use this app, be aware of security in the area where you’re using it since others may be able to eavesdrop on your sessions. Here’s the link for downloading it (Android and iOS):

Breakthrough Mobile App

All other Metier clients (including those receiving services in the office) are given a login to the following secure client area. Note that if for some reason a face-to-face session isn’t practical (e.g., due to weather) we can use the secure communication features available on this site (opens in a new tab or window):

Metier Secure Client Area

Note: if you’re a Breakthrough or MDLive client, you don’t need to worry about the Metier Secure Client Area – everything can be done through Breakthrough.

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